Friday, February 28, 2014

Upcoming anniversary (3/10/12) of my husband's suicide

"The journey towards wholeness is one of grace and one of often painful transitions. But wholeness can not only be the fruit of a personal focus, wholeness is communal. It's the fruit of open receiving and gracious giving.

Our journey must be one of union with God, moving ever closer into the heart and purposes of God. This movement in and towards God draws us ever more deeply into seeking to be God's healing hands towards others.

Wholeness is the fruit of holiness, which issues in giving gifts of healing... " - from the Desert Fathers *Anthony

I've been praying and contemplating on the upcoming second year anniversary of my husband Rob's suicidal death. 

I am thankful that the Father has brought me through so many levels of healing and has brought me into a greater level of wholeness through losing my husband. My journey of grief is not yet quite finished... If given the chance to change my journey, I would not choose a different path.  There has been a gentle spiritual beauty of strength that has grown out of my painful brokeness in this grief. And yet, I would not wish this journey upon anyone else.

"If tears are still shed in heaven, then carry my tears to the feet of God." - Giuseppe Verdi