Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Intro to "Indescribable" the book!

Have you ever loved someone so much, you thought, if you ever lost them it would completely rip your heart out into a million little shards and turn your life so inside out, and upside down that you'd never be able to live without them? And then suddenly, one day they're no longer in your life. They're dead.

At first, the tears, the pain, and the aching in your whole body and soul makes you think: I will never survive this, I will never survive this, I will never survive this!! The swirl of  pain filled emotion envelopes you and you believe nothing, nothing, nothing can ever console you.

That's how I felt when my husband killed himself. I thought I will never never never be able to get through this. Oh God! Will the pain ever stop? Would my heart ever stop feeling so twisted, empty and wrung out and having nothing to hold onto?

I truly did not think I would ever make it through this horrendous nightmare of a traumatic tragedy. But here I am, five years later and I am walking through this with some semblance of sanity and peace. So can you!

©  Kimberly Anne Wallace June 13, 2017