Friday, January 29, 2016

Silver Thread


Like a sliver that eventually
finds its way back to the surface
after being buried deep;
waves of time wash over
the darkness of grief
and fragments of healing
somehow find themselves
in the deepest of wounds.
Bewilderment mourned
by unrequited answers
and rivers of tears.
In the cold hardness of death
the arms of my heavenly Father
wrapped this shattered heart
with a foreign compassion
celebrating relational being
of new and intimate love
transforming reforming
this once black and white life
into water colored winged dreams 

Kimberly Anne Wallace © January 28, 2016

Remembering when I was first a widow​, I made most decisions from numbness, fear, anger and loneliness. Across oceans of healing to the current moment I discover I am able to make decisions from a place of peace, love and joy... no more fear!