Saturday, July 13, 2013

Castles in the Sand

Thundering echoes of threats
hit my threshold of peace and pain
mixing together like sea water and sand
Each wave new again
yet the rhythm remains the same

Each time the mourning arm of grief
attempts to sabotage moments of joy
I see and hear and feel
my Father’s invitation to redemption
He whispers softly
“Old things are passed away
All things are made new!”

Walking this strange and difficult journey
on the beach of surviving suicide
I discover in this new rising tide
there is the choice to be swallowed up
in the invisible undertow
or surf the wave enjoying the ride

Through His promise and His truth
Each tear is redeemed
Every obstacle becomes an opportunity
Every fear becomes love
and my darkness fades to light

© 07-13-13 Kimberly Anne Wallace


  1. Didn't see it, didn't expect it. I got side swiped with grief and mourning today... It overwhelmed me to the point of tears. As difficult this portion of my healing journey is, my ever faithful Father with His unfathomable love was clearly evident and He was right here with me with His invitation of redemption... I implore you to answer His invitation of redemption for whatever challenges you are currently walking through!

    I hope you enjoy this new poem!

  2. Kimberly,

    That is a beautiful description of grief. Yesterday, I was hit with a strong wave of grief while going through some of my daughter's things that I kept. Though it is nearly 7 years since her murder, I still feel an emptiness in my heart for her. I am sure that I always will, as a piece of my heart went with her death. The tears flow like a faucet of running water when they come, yet stops much sooner than in the early years. I release those tears to God and he in turn fills my heart with his love. I thank God that he is close to those whose hearts are broken with grief. We will never be the same, yet it is in the brokenness that his light shines all the brighter.

    Blessings to you dear one,
    Jean Johnson :-)


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